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Near Enough Records welcomes The Long Patrol

Joining the list of artists hear at Near Enough Records is band The Long Patrol from Toronto, Canada. As our first international artist, we are super excited to help release their debut record Sunlight, which is OUT NOW on all major streaming services. Get to know our new mates by reading the bio below.


The Long Patrol is the nom de plume of Canadian singer/songwriter Patrick Morrissey. Inspired by bands like Wolf Parade and Smashing Pumpkins, Morrissey came up playing bass for small bands at dingy punk shows in and around the Toronto area. It was during these formative years that he cemented his love of loud, fast, matter-of-fact self expression. Having played in alt-pop band First Rate People and after years of touring both Canada and the USA with likes of Born Ruffians; the pull to create music that Morrissey could call his own led him to compile mix-tapes and bedroom recordings that documented the the perils of love, loss, ageing, addiction and loneliness whilst growing up in rural Canada. It is these early recordings that The Long Patrol first found its form and that would later serve as the foundation of their debut album, Sunlight.

A multi-instrumentalist and fastidious songwriter, Morrissey went to work in 2021 to consolidate and curate the back catalogue of songs written under the Long Patrol monicker in order to start production on his first release, Sunlight. Playing guitar, bass, piano and singing on all tracks, The Long Patrol celebrates the DIY attitude of Morrissey and is the perfect canvas to showcase his depth of talent on each instrument. No only does he have an innate sense of melody and harmony when arranging songs, lyrically he is both devastating and hilarious in a single turn of a phrase; painting vivid images of the characters and settings he brings to life in his songs.

The Long Patrol's debut record, Sunlight is a mix of guitar driven punk with strong, poppy choruses that morph into downtempo folk-pop with melodic interludes that highlight the artists loud-quiet-loud influences. A debut record ten years in the making, Sunlight is a mature and measured debut and it will surely connect with any audience that wants to engage with relatable, lived experiences set against a backdrop of non-stop hooks and a pop sensibility. Sunlight is out now on your favourite streaming services.

Click Image for Spotify Streaming.


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