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Founded by Benjamin Lancaster in Brisbane QLD, though now currently working out of Tokyo, By the Living Grace Studio was born out of the desire to provide quality, professional grade sound for musicians without the hefty price tag. Primarily a mixing facility, By the Living Grace has been built from the ground up by musicians, for musicians. The bells and whistles are left at the door. We have been, until now, the private studio for Near Enough records; producing, recording and mixing titles for label mates Suicide Swans, Old New York, Kyle Jenkins, Dirty Hearts, Benjamin Bones, Long Patrol and Elba Lane. We have decided to open the doors to all who seek professional quality recordings at a fair price. 


We carry out any and all mix jobs from voice over to full bands and ensembles. We're an “in the box” operation and we carry plugins from Lexicon, Waves, Sound Toys and Native Instruments. So if you have a session, live performance or voice over you need professionally mixed, send it through! We can put some sheen on that podcast or web video audio too. 


By the Living Grace is the perfect choice for those musicians, especially solo, duo or acoustic bands who want to record but find it hard to pay for the giant studios full of equipment they rarely need. Our small studio space is filled with high-end gear and microphones perfect for capturing your sound. At the click of a finger our studio can become fully portable. So if you have the perfect space in mind, we’ll help you record there. (Additional cost for location recordings)


Long Patrol

Sunlight 2022 (Out June 22nd)

Benjamin Bones

Good Grief 2021

Kyle Jenkins

Lost Love Lost 2022 (Supervising Mixer)

Kyle Jenkins 

Love Lost Love 2021 (Supervising Mixer/Mastering Assistance)

Old New York

Lava Lung 2020

Suicide Swans

Through the Years 2020

Elba Lane

Destinations 2019


The Skeleton EP 2018

Suicide Swans

la Jungla 2018

Man Moot

Ta Da! 2018

Kyle Jenkins

Meltdown 2018

Dirty Hearts

General Bitterness

& Inner-City Moonshine 2018

Suicide Swans

Augusta 2017

Elba Lane

Arctic 2017

Cheers G’day

Humid Daze 2018

Old New York

Before We Hit The Ground 2016

Suicide Swans

Ghosts We Forget 2015

Old New York

Old New York 2013


Pepperjack EP 2013


Old New York

_To Be Loud 2010

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