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Indie band Elba Lane have smashed out a 90s alt-rocker with their first single 'Destination Oute

Elba Lane are back with their first single 'Destination Outer Space' from their forthcoming sophomore album 'Destinations' out in 2019. The band have built up a reputation for their live shows which became the momentum to record their second album ‘Destinations’ in the winter of 2018. The first single track off the album ‘Destination Outer Space’ plots a bold new course for the band and sonically paves the way for their new more cohesive and powerful sound. Both the single and upcoming album are firmly situated within 90s rock of Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana as well as rock contemporaries Foo Fighters and QOTSA.

Those who find solace in such 90s influences blended with the power of contemporary rock will enjoy the guitar-infused melodies, driving drums, fuzzy solos and introspective lyrics that Elba Lane provides on their new single ‘Destination Outer Space’ and forthcoming sophomore album ‘Destinations’. The band prescribes to the largely DIY recording attitude of the Near Enough Record label with both albums recorded at By the Living Grace Studios in East Brisbane.

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