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Kyle Jenkins debut solo album 'Meltdown' out now

Singer and guitarist for Alt-country band Suicide Swans, Kyle Jenkins has released his debut album 'Meltdown'. Meltdown sonically encapsulates a more indie sensibility for Jenkins that is situated within the 1990s and his love of bands such as Archers of Loaf, 3Ds and King Loser while at the same time still being enamoured with Leonard Cohen, Fred Neil and the Velvet Underground. The album moves between parred down isolated laments such as See Saw(opening track of the album) to the scuzzy pulse of Sons & Daughters. The remainder of the album is a dynamic array of ruminations on the world both internal and external. Meltdownis a late night listen with a daytime stare. For Jenkins Meltdown, represents the current state of humanity, where a small light of hope is smothered by an overriding sense of isolation and masculine domination.

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